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Lean and powerful in-house call centre management for E-commerce.

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Our clients have seen huge improvements

Since most of them were using old hardware tools from their local phone-service providers, they experienced a dramatic increase in key call centre performance indicators after switching to Tellq.


Decrease in missed calls

Due to our full-scale call handling functionality, the number of missed calls decrease substantially. Those calls that were still missed are quickly returned when the next agent becomes available.


Increase in agent productivity

Tellq significantly optimises human resourses associated with customer service. Call handling functionality enables agents to process all incoming calls more efficiently and monitoring tools help managers to keep the best workflow intact.


Increase in revenue from inbound calls

Since Tellq makes dramatic impact on minimizing missed calls and increasing work productivity, much more inbound quaries can be adressed efficiently and this converts to more sales being made.

Why Tellq?

Tellq is fully dedicated to make your call operations more efficient, handy and integral part of your business.


KPI-improving software

Watch key-metrics go up from the first day you start using Tellq. Less missed & unreturned calls, increased call operation productivity, more efficient call handling and key analytics.

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Complete call centre solution

Tellq will provide complete set of tools to create lean and efficient call operations in your company. It is everything you need.

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Call centre was never so easy

Tellq is created to challenge old and complex call centre tools by giving call operations a whole new user-friendly shape. Setup & manage your call centre the way you like.

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Tellq is developed to be integrated

Make call operations integral part of your business

Create automated workflows

Integrate Tellq easily and without any complexity

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Use our flexible API and trigger management panel to integrate Tellq.


Use powerful Zapier service to sync data between Tellq and other softwares.

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Preset integrations

Choose preset integrations with popular Helpdesk and CRM softwares.

It’s easy to start using Tellq

Sing up and let our representative lead you through the process.

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    Sign up

    Submit Tellq demo request and one of our sales representatives will get in touch with you to create you an account.

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    Create accounts for you team

    Create accounts for your call centre team members within Tellq system.

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    Buy or add existing phone numbers. Configure call forwards, queues and IVR. Do it easily using our self-service panel.

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    Start answering & making calls

    Get your call centre working. Make and receive calls with Tellq softphone.

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