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Fewer missed calls
Decrease average call time quite a bit by fastforwarding through ID process. It’s only logical that shorter call times means you’ll be available more often and therefore you will miss fewer calls.
More answered calls
When you’re saving that much time, you can handle that many more calls during the same time period.
No single query is lost
With Tellq, even the calls that you did miss won’t be forgotten. System will remind available agents to return them swiftly without leaving the potential customer hanging on the other side of the phone.
Increased sales
Integrations allow you to place orders on behalf of your callers at an instant. More efficiency in call center operations leads to an increase in sales from inbound calls channel. Simple.

Leverage Call Centre to Boost Your Business

Increase Sales Over the Phone
Fully utilize Tellq to properly handle all customer calls and close more deals
Always be reachable
Decrease wait times to ensure agents’ availability, and never lose a single query
Utilize human resources
See an increase in your agents’ productivity and efficiency with Tellq’s unique workflow

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